The Most Important Tool for Trusting Your Intuition

March 1, 2018

Only practice this if you want to trust your intuition more.

Intuition speaks through feelings. It is through these feelings that our body acts as a bridge between the physical and subtle realms. Everyone has the ability to tune into these realms, we just need to develop the fine-tuning necessary to perceive the subtle messages our body is always sending.

Subtle Realm of Intuition

Most of us wish intuition were as plain and obvious as the physical world. What happens is that we ignore the subtle messages until the urgency of the matter snowballs into an actual physical problem or crisis. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With consistent practice, anyone can develop the awareness to feel the subtle shifts.

Developing Body Awareness

Most of us spend our lives ‘up in our heads’, but all this thinking can only take us so far. I’ve developed a simple exercise that trains us to bring our awareness into the body so that we can receive the subtle messages streaming to us from our intuition. This exercise, once practiced to a level of proficiency, provides the foundation for the more advanced techniques in Clear & Protect and Stop Drop & Roll. If you’ve been practicing these tools and find it difficult to feel the subtle sensations, then this exercise is for you!

Subtle Awareness Body Scan

* Find a safe and quiet environment.
* Sitting comfortably, close your eyes, and turn your attention toward your breath.
* Settle into your body. You can tighten and release muscles, wiggle in your chair, or shake like a dog shaking off water.
* Imagine a laser of awareness slowly scanning your body from head to toe. Keep the beam moving slowly downward and take note of any subtle anomalies as it passes over different regions of your body. You may notice:
    * increased attention on an area
    * tension/expansion
    * heaviness/lightness
    * warmth/chill
    * pain/tingling/twitching
* Once you have finished scanning, choose one of the anomalies and breathe into it.
    * Imagine your breath as a pink light that continues past your lungs to surround the chosen area with unconditional love.
    * Stay with this area breathing deeply and thank your body for sending this helpful message.
    * When you are ready, choose another anomaly and breathe into it as before.
* Continue the process until you’ve breathed into and thanked each area.

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