Return To The Flow

January 25, 2018

Last week we talked a lot about upgrades: upgrading our minds, our bodies, our intuition, ourselves. When we are upgrading our personal software, we’re that much more focused and tuned in with the Universe and what’s going on around us. We are not only paying attention to ourselves, but we are also listening to everything else!

This week, we’re paying attention to callbacks – that thing that happens when someone reaches out to you eight years later to thank you for a passing comment. When a high school crush “randomly”* (not . so. random!) appears at the restaurant where you’re having your 35th birthday party. When you get an alert that an old boss from a summer internship is hiring for a position that you’re perfect for.

So much of my work is about seeing and hearing the signs of the Universe so we can heed its advice, and get that validation from Source that we’re on the right track. When you find yourself experiencing a callback – good or bad – I implore you to take that second step and to connect that synapse in your brain to ask, “Why is this coming up for me now?” “What is the universe trying to show me?” If the call back does skew negative, hop into compassion. Be kind to yourself for recognizing this in the first place. And return to the flow.

May your intuition be with you!

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