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How To Trust Your Intuition,  without Second-Guessing,
in the Face of  Fear, Doubt & Uncertainty

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Stop Drop & Roll

Guided Meditation

It takes consistent practice to get to know our own body and emotions (AKA your Intuition). Through this practice you will learn to identify what is ego and what is intuition. Knowing the difference is the first step to trusting your inner guidance. But one cannot build trust in an instant. It takes tenacity—a willingness to work hard even when we think we are not getting anywhere—to be able to hear our own inner guidance.

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Navigating the Shift Into Love

When we are feeling upset it can be difficult to shift into love. When we are in a state of loving acceptance, however, everything gets better. I see this tool as a “love jumpstart” that transforms your energy (and the energy of those around you) in a matter of seconds.

Is this tool for you?

* Do you desire more loving acceptance in your life?
* Do you want to get along better with others?
* Are you are looking to increase your awareness?
* Do you wish to take responsibility for your own energy?

Pink Light Guided Meditation

I have used this tool in a variety of situations and not only have I seen miraculous results, I’ve experienced profound transformation. Through this work, I’ve encountered a deeper sense of safety, my relationships have improved, I am less triggered by things I was formerly afraid of, and I feel better about who I am and the life I am living.

What does this technique do?

* Decreases anger and frustration
* Removes blame
* Increases calm and acceptance
* Centers you into the present moment
* Shifts your energy and consequently the energy of those around you
* Gives you a solid action to take that shifts you into love

Shift into Love

This tool works in all areas of life—work, school, family, and romantic relationships. It’s discreet—nobody even knows you’re doing it. So, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Guided Meditation

To make learning how to use this magical tool for quickly shifting into love, I created a recording to guide listeners through the process step-by-step. 

Get ready for some pink light!

My Own Transformation

Perhaps the most important tool in spiritual and personal development is the practice of clearing and protecting your energy. Picture yourself jumping into a swimming pool and suddenly you are filled with all of the feelings—both positive and negative—that everyone in the pool is feeling. This is what our emotional landscape can feel like if we are not clearing and protecting our energy on a regular basis. When swimming in others’ emotions, it can be difficult to differentiate our own from anyone else’s. In order to tune in to our inner guidance with clarity, we must first clear & protect our energetic space.

how to prepare for your reading

Clear & Protect Your Energy

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Privacy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.

Get the complete Free Resource On How to Clear & Protect Your Energy including the Guided Meditation